What is Lidl 'Play More Football' ?


Play More Football - The End Game

The Football Association of Wales (FAW) and Welsh Football Trust’s (WFT) long term aspiration is for 50% of children aged 7-16 (approximately 200,000 players), and particularly more girls[1] as well as young people from BME backgrounds and with Disability, to be playing ‘some form’ of the game.

FAW/WFT recognises that to achieve such a radical shift in participation levels new and alternative approaches to those currently delivered are required (these to be complementary to, but not to replace, existing models).

Lidl ‘Play more Football’ is designed to maximise the appeal of the sport and help boost participation levels

Why Football?

  • Football is the most popular indoor and outdoor sport in Wales
  • Over 227,000 adults participate in football - 4 times more than Rugby
  • Football is the most in demand sport amongst young people in and outside of schools - ‘loads of kids are into football’ ‘besotted’ even but not involved in the ‘football scene’
  • Over 67,000 young people already participate – 22% of these are girls
  • However 37% of young people (7-16 years olds) would like to play who currently don’t have the opportunity

* Statistics from the Sport Wales Active Adult and School Sport Surveys *

The Play More Football Vision

The vision - to grow the grassroots game and ensure all young people have a chance to play football by creating young football entrepreneurs - tomorrow’s leaders who in turn will:

  • Engage those who currently ‘miss-out’
  • Engage more girls

The focus is on young people leading the game of football and developing their own approaches – creating new opportunities – based not on the past but on what they see as a better future

Play More Football Targets

Over the next 4 Years:

  • Engage 50% of Secondary Schools in Wales with the Lidl “Play More Football” programme
  • Engage 100 Secondary Schools - 1,000 Young Leaders trained and 10,000 Participants
  • Create additional delivery in 400 Primary Schools targeting 20,000 Participants

Play More Football is meant to be ….

  • Organising flexible, enjoyable and young people-led and owned games
  • A flexible ‘turn-up and play’ offer
  • Using all appropriate forms of the game that are fun and easy to deliver i.e. Futsal; 5 and 7-a-side football
  • Using all weather surfaces i.e. artificial pitches, hard play areas as well as indoor halls and gyms
  • Developing young people’s management, leadership, organisation and entrepreneurial skills, ideas and delivery confidence
  • Helping students and Schools achieve the Community and Enterprise Challenges as part of the Welsh Baccalaureate
  • Supported, supervised, mentored, enabled by, but not delivered by, adults

Play More Football is NOT meant to be….

  • Not adult/teacher/coach led or delivered – i.e. not replacing, but as well as, teaching, 5x60, Sports Development, Club, Youth activities etc
  • Not instead of, but additional to existing 11-aside Football teams, competitions and performance structures
  • Not about /teaching or coaching, rather organising easy to play, fun, engaging and inclusive participation ‘play more football’ competitions leagues and skills challenges

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