Our Goals

For every £5,000 we receive we can work with a group of young people who have little else to occupy their time and who are at risk of being drawn into anti-social behaviour. We can do this through the creation of new football teams, providing coaching, equipment and support and introducing them to a sustainable network in which to regularly play.

With £20,000 we can support young people from BME communities and provide them with an opportunity to feel included and encouraged. We can do this through the creation of regional and national leagues and festivals, organising matches to suit their cultural and religious needs, and breaking down language barriers.

A £50,000 contribution to this campaign will fund specific clubs for disabled players, including clubs designed for the needs of the visually impaired / blind and wheelchair users. The funding would allow disabled players to meet regularly, use specially designed equipment and benefit from the skills of trained coaches and volunteers.

Over ten years we aim to invest:

· £1m into our equality and social inclusion programme to work with BME communities

· £1m into our disability programme

· £2m into providing grants to disadvantaged families and young people

· £3m into improving club and sports facilities

· £2m into our volunteer coaching programme

· £1m into the development and support of Futsal

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