Mini Football

Developing a Player Centered Environment for the Next Generation

Mini Football is a modified version of 11 a side game giving children the chance to play real football, for a real team, whilst experiencing an enjoyable and fun introduction to the game.

Mini football is recognised by the FAW as the only form of football in Wales for children under 11 years old. The FAW believes that children should learn how to compete fairly, skillfully and within the rules of the game.

The key values of Mini Football are as follows:

  • Boys and girls of all abilities are able to participate
  • The game is easy to organize and can be played anywhere at anytime
  • Players can take an active part in the game and have some fun without pressure from parents, coaches or managers
  • It encourages teamwork, and develops children’s skills
  • There is a set framework of standards and behaviour on and off the pitch

Mini Football Regulation Changes

Changes were made to the format of Mini Football from the start of the 2009/2010 season. The format of the game is explained in a number of helpful videos below or please view and download our regulations of the game within the media table at the base of the Page.

The Welsh Football Trust under went a large consultation period and extensively supported all leagues and coaches who work with Under 7, Under 8 and Under 9 age groups allowing key age specific information through appropriate workshops and practical delivery to ensure a smooth transition into our new player centred format. To download a presentation to explain the changes please view the media table below.

Take a look at the our videos for Under 7, 8 and 9 Mini Football to help you understand the format of the game .

Our Mini Football Programme is essential to developing better technical players and also enhancing children's first experience of the game.

Icon File Name Date Size Download
Icon for Mini Football JFL_Mini_Football_Presentation.ppt Nov 06 2013 1.99 MB Download
Icon for Mini Football MINI FOOTBALL - Handbook 2014-2015.docx Aug 29 2014 167.6 KB Download
MINI FOOTBALL - Handbook 2014-2015.docx
Icon for Mini Football MiniFootball4v4.mp4 Nov 07 2013 82.22 MB Download
Icon for Mini Football Part 1 Intro and Game Leader.mp4 Nov 06 2013 27.67 MB Download
Introduction & Role of the Game Leader
Icon for Mini Football Part 2 Pitch Dimensions and Goal Sizes.mp4 Nov 07 2013 30.81 MB Download
Pitch Dimensions and Goal Sizes
Icon for Mini Football Part 3 Behind the Line.mp4 Nov 07 2013 28.75 MB Download
Introduction & Role of the Game Leader
Icon for Mini Football Part 4 Rules of the Game.mp4 Nov 07 2013 32.61 MB Download
Rules of the Game
Icon for Mini Football Part 5 Goalkeepers.mp4 Nov 07 2013 43.19 MB Download

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