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"Fun Football" is the term given to informal organised football activity with the emphasis on a ‘turn up and play’ and ‘skill development through creative football practice’. This is a joint initiative between the FAW, the FAW Trust and national grassroots sponsor, McDonald's, aimed at the development and growth of community football throughout Wales. The term "fun football" is recognised by UEFA
(The European Governing body of football) and is endorsed as a grass roots development initiative.

High quality, well-run and sustainable structures are the lifeblood of grassroots football. That's why McDonald’s support the Fun Football accreditation programme. It's a way for organisations to demonstrate to all participants, parents, sponsors and the public that it's a well-organised and safe environment, offering opportunities for everyone.

Why Should my Organisation Achieve Accreditation?

The McDonald's Fun Football programme was introduced to provide clubs and private organisations with a benchmark scheme for the delivery of curricular and extracurricular activities within the boundaries of each local authority.

The main aim of the programme is to ensure that clubs and private organisations deliver a quality assured football programme to junior players. There are a number of benefits associated with becoming an accredited Fun Football provider including the following:

  • Participating organisations become part of the Welsh Way. Brand image will be greatly improved as your organisation displays that it provides a safe environment for players and coaches.
  • Accredited organisations will have the use of a charter mark logo for marketing and promotional material.
  • Organisations receive a £150 FAW Trust Coach Education Voucher, helping to ensure the best standard of coaching possible within the programme.
  • Organisations receive £150 of Precision Training Equipment
  • The FAW Trust are also happy to assist accredited organisations by posting provided promotional material on our website and social media
  • Fun Football providers receive access to the online resource pack and training workshops, assisting them with achieving accreditation and running their organisation

The Accredited Organisation

An accredited McDonald's Fun Football Organisation is permitted to deliver a nationally recognised programme endorsed by the FAW demonstrating the highest standards in:

  • Child Welfare
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Health and Safety
  • Equipment and Facilities
  • Coach Education and Technical Development

To find out how to get accreditted, click here.

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